What we really wish we would get...  I'm not expecting tomorrow to be a particularly romantic day for me... I'm more in the mood of smashing a pinhata like Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel did in that movie to be honest :)  However, I figured I'd do a Valentine's Day list anyways and I really did take it a bit too far with this one. Men will have a heart attack when they read this list- it's definitely not realistic, but a girl sure can dream. <3

1. Tiffany & Co keys. They come in all different price ranges. They come in gold, silver, with diamonds and an infinity of combinations. I find these to be so romantic as the idea is that they are "the key to my heart".

2. Christian Louboutin shoes: I am completely disregarding any shoe-perstitions that say that giving shoes to a woman is bad luck as they will "walk out of your life". Those are just lame excuses men come up with because they get dumped :p Who wouldnt love a classic pair of Louboutins?

3. A classic Chanel bag is no longer considered just a black quilted bag. Now they come in an infinite amount of colors. Im in love with the coral one.

4. Laduree macaroons: This is a great way to impress a girl if you want to give them a bit more than just chocolates. They dont only taste amazing, but they are so beautiful to look at. They now have a store in NYC too. 

5. "Love" bracelets from Cartier. Just like the Tiffany keys this bracelet is also very symbolic and very sought after especially for Valentine's day, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. The Love bracelet comes with a little screwdriver in which you attach to your girl's wrist. The guy gets to keep the screwdriver and the girl well.. she can never take the bracelet off. You can see it here when The Blonde Salad's Chiara Ferragni got it from her boyfriend. 
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