Say goodbye to the traditional way of painting your nails! Here are six nail trends that I have been loving & now it's your time to let your creativity shine through. 

Modern French Nail- forget about the boring white tip and add a twist with a bold color instead!

Single color- With sooooo many beautiful colors out there, its easy to make a statement with a vibrant hue on short nails. 

 Metallics- Apart from silver and gold nail polishes, we will continue to see 'foiled-'like' nails.

Nail art- I honestly dont know anyone in my hometown that can actually do beautiful nail art and I certainly don't have the skills to do them myself. My favorite? The nude nails with a pop of neon in triangle form. 

Glitterati- this is my favorite trend of them all! I don't know why I'm so obsessed with glitter, sparkle and shine! The Milani nail polish below is definitely one that I want to try and probably will :p If you're looking for some of the nail polishes below, Deborah Lippmann has beautiful glittery shades on her website. 

Two toned- This trend is one that I keep seeing more and more. There are two options: 1) you create an ombre effect by choosing two colors and starting dark and becoming lighter as you get to the tip of the nail... or 2) painting all nails the same color except for two nails, usually the ring finger from both hands. 
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