Both huge faces in the fashion industry- not only are they both models, they are also sisters. Let the battle begin! :) 

Let's kick off with Poppy! - Uber famous British socialite & 26 year-old model, Poppy Delevingne manages to carry herself with great poise and incredible style. Her personal style is often driven by gutsy sartorial moves- taking classic pieces with twists and making them look so effortlessly chic. Check out some of my favorite looks from Poppy below.

** On the other hand, we have Cara, the little sister & current "IT" girl in the fashion world- she's seriously in every major campaign and fashion show. This 20 year old sensation is quite the opposite of Poppy in personal style. Cara is much more carefree and carries herself with a more of a bohemian, rockerish, nonchalant attitude. You can definitely tell this girl is a free spirit!

Which of the Delevingne sisters is your favorite? Comment below :) 

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