This week has been such a busy week- in a blink of an eye its wednesday already! I feel like I have so much to catch up on at work and this is why I've been a bit slow on the posts- my sincere apologies! Below are a couple of images I've been inspired by, hope you enjoy them! :)

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There's not a girl in the world that would not want this as a gift- Cartier's LOVE bracelet. 

I happen to love the Martini clutch more, but this one's pretty cute too. 

The green version of this is everywhere, but I actually happen to like this one more. 

2 beauties. 

Pic from the lookbook of Moikana (En Sta Cruz, la encuentras en #lunardi)

Takes me back to my cheerleading years :)

Vacations needed, pronto. 

Shoe heaven. 

Yes, I am a crazy cat lady. 

Phillip Lim 3.1' KA-POW sweater. 

Color blocking continues to be one of my favorite trends. 

Lolita <3

An easy twist to the traditional french nails. 


Angelica Blick backstage for a photoshoot- love her makeup! 

What a beauty! LdR. 

How clever! A handbag out of  empty cassette boxes? :)

Cheyenne Meets Chanel for Schutz! 

One of my favorite & latest discoveries is this balloon shop called Bonbon balloons- so incredibly beautiful! 

Love this yellow BCBG skirt on Julie Sarinana. 

More minimalist nails.

No one can do red better than Valentino.

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