I've always been a fan of braids for the summer & since its summer here where I live, I am positive everyone's going to be favoring braided hairstyles for NYE parties. 

Whether its pin-straight, wavy or with volume, wearing your hair down always gets my vote. 

A half-up do is the best way to look soft & romantic. At the same time, it keeps your hair of your face so your makeup takes center-stage with this one. 

You've got a fabulous long sequined dress? Go for a ponytail! Sleek ponytails look best when you want to make your dress the standout piece- it doesnt take anything away from the dress, on the contrary, it makes the whole look more refined. 

I feel like updos are people's last choice because so many people say they dont look good in them. I strongly disagree... it's simply about finding what style better suits you. I usually go for the softer and looser updos, the ones that look slightly messy and that usually look great on most people. Just a little tip, stay away from updos on the big night if you're experimenting a style for the first time. 
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