Prints are guaranteed to brighten anyone's mood! Inspired by my latest post (you can see it here), I decided to create a little guide for you regarding 'dressing in print' as it can sometimes be a bit challenging. I came up with 10 tips that might help you open your mind and dive into the world of prints fearlessly! 

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Tip #1: More can be more. It is perfectly acceptable to wear print-on-print. Just make sure to keep the rest of your outfit in balance.  

Tip #2: If you're going to wear a printed coat, make sure your coat gets all the attention. Don't wear prints underneath. 

Tip #3: ... and perhaps the most important one. Wear what makes YOU comfortable. If you're timid at heart, don't go with bold & overwhelming prints- the fact that you're uncomfortable will show. Wear prints that go along with your personal style. 

Tip #4: Denim shirts can tone down any print. They are a great way to break down the intensity. 

Tip #5: Who says florals are only for girly girls? You can toughen up any of your tropical and floral prints by adding leather accents. This way you've turned florals into something bad girls can wear too. 

Tip #6: Printed suits (either pants or shorts) are HOT right now. 

Tip #7: Printed maxi dresses and skirts will always be staple pieces for you during Spring and Summertime. 

Tip #8: It is possible to look minimalist while still wearing strong & bold prints. Just think 'geometric shapes'. 

Tip #9: Who knew simple printed dresses could be such showstoppers? 

Tip #10: If it makes you smile, it's probably worth it all. Who cares about rules, fashion is about having fun. So dress in a way that makes you feel good, confident and happy. 

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