A while back I found this list (below)created by the one and only Tom Ford. Here he came up with 22 'essentials' for men- I agree with ninety percent of the list... magnifying mirror, beautiful toothbrush.. not so much. So, the idea behind all of this, is that I would create a list which holds what I consider to be all the little things that every fashion lover must have. Remember, this is just what I personally think, you're more than welcome to disagree and write down what you consider every girl's needs on the comment box below. 

* Please note that by no means I am suggesting that you "need" any of the particular items or brands shown on the pics. They're just examples :)

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Nude pumps

Friends with killer personal style 

A classic handbag

Sexy strappy sandals 

Clean, white smiles. 

A 'go with everything' hat. 

Statement jewelry

Signature perfume 

A healthy body & a healthy mind 

The perfect red lipstick

The perfect red & ballerina pink nail polishes

Good skin

A leather jacket for winter

A perfect manicure

Sexy lingerie

shiny, well taken care, hair 

A well tailored black suit 

Classic black pumps 

The perfect timeless shades 

A well organized closet 

Leather shorts

A sequined dress

A gold watch

A 'night out with your other half' dress 

Something menswear inspired

A bit of an attitude

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