I love collecting beautiful fashion pictures in which I feel inspired by, but not everything I'm inspired by has to be things that I would necessarily wear. Sometimes I enjoy seeing things that I would NEVER in a million years wear, but find it amazing how some people feel comfortable wearing them. I call these people brave because even though I love fashion and self-expression, my personality is just not as out there as some of these daring fashionistas :)

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These shoes look like weapons!

She doesnt need to turn around for us to know who this crazy fashionista is, does she? Anna dello Russo of course.. 

I gave a "lesson" on how to wear print (HERE) and it seems this one wasnt paying attention in class. 

She looks like Phoebe, when she used to live in a box, and only ate lox and had a pet fox (If you love Friends, you'll know what I'm talking about)

Even if Bart Simpson says "I'm a jock that's too cool for sports"... This dude sure isnt. 

Lace, ruffles, fur, leather, metal accents?

More Bart Simpson fashion.

This cuff says 'money makes the world go round'. 

It doesnt matter that it's Magdalena Frackowiak on the runway, this doesnt change the fact that it's a VIOLIN on a dress!

Back to the future shades.

Marc Jacobs at his "finest". 

I don't completely agree with Karl Lagerfeld when he says wearing sweatpants is a sign of personal defeat. I have seen sweatpants that look really cool and can be dressed up a bit. But these??? Stripey red athletic sweatpants with heels, I just died a little bit. 

Margiela for HM's candy wrapper bag. 

Block shoes- kinda architectural, kinda cool. 

She looks like the Madhatter's grandma. 

More A.dello.R. crazy fashion


Even girls like Bart Simpson fashion. Who knew?

Men & flowers in their faces? Never a good look. 

Neither are mops on their heads.

Same weapon shoes, different color :)

more flowers & mops. 

A bra & a starred leather jacket, what do you think? 

This is a little scary, isnt it? 

I believe fashion is about self expression and even if this looks weird to me, I appreciate the braveness this guy has to go out looking like this. 

Too many wrong things, all at once. 

I know this is Margiela for H&M, but I never understood this look. 

She is one brave and crazy woman.

Super boxy shorts

I find that dressing for winter time is perhaps the hardest season to dress for. Layering is an art that not everyone comprehends. 

He is the original flower child. 
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