The last post I did was all about hair ideas for your upcoming NYE festivities- which you can find HERE.  Now, I think its only natural that I do the same with different kinds of makeup that can help you get inspired to copy them or to adjust them in a way that better suits you :) Enjoy.

I feel the most traditional eyeshadows used at NYE parties are usually silver & gold. However, if you find yourself to be a bit more adventurous, colorful eyeshadows are a perfect way to give your whole look a pop of brightness. A big color for 2013? Teal! 

A bronzed makeup looks best around summer time, so if you are rocking a fantastic tan then maybe going for a gold makeup is the best way to go. 

Although I feel this is another makeup style that looks best during summer, you can definitely adjust this look with darker shades for the winter that are equally as flattering. For winter parties try a bold, vampy lip and for the summer parties, go for a super vivid magenta. They will both make a big statement so try to leave eye makeup as minimal as possible.

This is definitely for the minimalists! If you rock naturally beautiful skin, there's nothing more beautiful than a fresh face that looks healthy and glowy. Not everyone dares to wear the 'no-makeup makeup' but  actually this style might flatter women at their 40s + because in that case, less is more.

Wearing smokey eyes is for sure the biggest head-turner.  If you tend to go for the more edgy, rock and roll vibe, this is for you... Just remember to keep your lips natural, as the attention should go solely to your eyes. 

This look is very similar to the natural one you just saw above. However, I put this style to remind you that nude lips look best not only with smokey eyes but also when wearing colorful eyeshadow. Be inventive with this look, you can get away with a lot. 

This is probably the look I'm going to go for this upcoming NYE. I love love love a full set of lashes to open up your eyes and make them bigger. There is something so glamourous about a mysterious look that can only be achieved with fake lashes. Make sure to apply a coat of mascara when you have your falsies on to bind them together with your natural lashes. 

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