Two weeks ago I did a photoshoot for a 'just fresh out of the oven' brand called ICETEES. Their main vision is to stay cool and current in their designs that come from inspirations of fashion, design, music and pop culture in general. They started off being just a "t-shirt" brand but now have expanded their line to bodysuits, crop-tops, sweaters, beanies and hats. They are growing so fast and are a must have for all the cool kids out there. If you are wondering how you can get a hold of these babies.. they are based in Santa Cruz, Bolivia but do ship to most international locations- just make sure to contact Fernanda Alcocer, Mirko Mladic or Andrea Gasser (owners of the brand) and I'm sure they'll work it out for you! See their Spring 2014 collection below  :)

Hace dos semanas hice un photoshoot para una marca recien abriendose al mercado este 2014- ICETEES. Esta es una marca que se mantiene muy enfocada en su vision de brindar disenhos modernos y divertidos inspirados en la moda, el disenho, la musica y la cultura pop en general. Ellos comenzaron como una marca de solo tshirts pero ahora se han expandido a hacer crop-tops, bodysuits, sombreros, beanies y sweaters. Si te estas preguntando como poder conseguir una... la marca reside en Santa Cruz, Bolivia pero hacen despachos al exterior. Aqui mismo podran ver su ultima coleccion de Primavera 2014.

That's me!/ Esa soy yo <3

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